LaGrange Engine Show Camping

General Information

Campers, displays and equipment are not permitted on the fairgrounds before 5:00PM on Wednesday before the show.  This also applies to marking off camping and display spaces.  If you arrive before 5PM you will be directed to a staging area off the roadways. 

A camper is defined as any motor home, trailer, truck camper or a tent with a capacity for three or more people.  This means that the only people who do not have to pay to stay overnight are people sleeping in their car/truck or someone with a very small tent.

When your camper is in the fairgrounds it must display the owner’s name and phone number.  Any camper without this information is subject to immediate removal.

  • Camping Hours:  Wednesday 5:00PM – Sunday Night.  Campers must be removed by Monday after the show at noon.

Camping Fee:

  • $40.00.  This charge applies for one night or the entire show.
  • Fee is paid at the Show Office in Building 19.  Office hours are 8AM – 3PM on Friday and Saturday and 9AM – 3PM on Sunday.
  • A camping permit will be issued after your fee is paid and must be displayed on your camper.

Camping Amenities:

  • Electricity and water are available in the two camping areas.  They are not available on most spaces by displays or flea market areas.  There is no additional charge for these and there is no discount if not available.
  • There are no sewer hook-ups or dump stations.  There is a dump station at Findley State Park on State Route 18 south of Wellington.

Rules & Additional Information:

  • Note:  The camping area will be closed and locked starting Thursday at 8PM through Sunday at 3PM.  Cars and trucks need to be parked in the parking lot South of the campgrounds.
  • Quiet time will be from Midnight to 6AM.  No loud music, disturbances or use of motorized vehicles.
  • No alcoholic beverages or firearms are allowed on the grounds.
  • No open campfires.  All fires must be contained.
  • All campers must have a fire extinguisher.
  • Clean up your campfire and area before leaving the site.
  • Discharge of grey water is not permitted.  Anyone discharging grey water or sewage on the ground is subject to a $250.00 fine and immediate removal from the fairgrounds.
Camping in the Display areas:
  • Campers in the display areas must have a display.
  • If you are not familiar with the show areas, please check with the department administrator before setting up.  The club reserves the right to move anyone setup in a display area. 
  • If you see a problem or have a safety concerns contact security.  Sheriff Deputies patrol the grounds at night.
  •   Do not take matters into your own hands.  If you cannot contact security and have an immediate problem call 911.
  • For details of our general Show policies and safety rules click  here. 


For More Information or Questions:

Contact:  Gary Flegel  

(330) 421-7451