General Information

  • Our show is thriving and growing every year.  As we continue with this growth, we need to acknowledge a few growing pains.  Please be understanding and help us, as we continue to look out for the safety of our members and guests.
  • Our office is in Building 19 and the hours are Friday and Saturday 8AM – 3 PM and Sunday 9AM – 3PM.
  •  $5 at the gate. Children under 12 are free with an adult. A 3-day pass is $8 and can be purchased in the office during the show.
  • For re-entry thru any of the gates (including the gate by the steam engines) a hand stamp, gate pass, 3-day pass, or membership card is required.
  • Membership is $10.00 and may be purchased at the registration table in Building 19.  Membership perks include free show admission, monthly meetings, potluck lunches, a newsletter, hammer-in activities and more. Show buttons will be given to new and renewing members, while supplies last.


  • Exhibitors are admitted free.
  • Plaques are given to the first 500 exhibitors to register.  The registration table is in Building 19.
  • NOTE:  Please be advised, the traffic pattern has changed this year. You will not be able to drive a vehicle into the main gate of the fairgrounds during show hours. (Starting 8AM Friday, September  20th.)  Exhibitor traffic will be rerouted to the Speed Gate near the Heritage Barn.   Click here for a map of the show grounds and exhibitor entrance.
  • No one is allowed to mark spaces or setup equipment before Wednesday at 5PM.
  • Anyone roping off areas before the show must clearly mark their site with their name and phone number.  This does not automatically ensure that the site will be yours, but provides the club with a way to contact you.  The Club has the right to re-size or move any display, without notice.
  • Individuals whose displays are made up of mostly sale items will be charged a fee based on the amount of area their display takes up and will be asked to move to the flea market area next year.
  • Due to limited space in the engine area, parallel parking to the roadway will be permitted in approved areas only.
  • All exhibits must be operated in a safe manner, with barriers erected to exclude the public from operating machinery.
  • No exhibit may be left running without supervision.
  • Each exhibitor should bring appropriate fire protection equipment.
  • Quiet time will be from Midnight to 6AM.  No loud music, disturbances or use of motorized vehicles during this time.
Car Passes and Gate Passes

If you have a legitimate reason to park inside the grounds, make sure you get a car pass and gate pass from your department administrator. Gate attendants are instructed not to let you drive in without a pass or a display. The car pass is used for entry of the vehicle only, not the person(s) inside the vehicle.  A gate pass is for a person entering the grounds.  Your car pass must have your name and phone number and be placed in your front windshield.  Vehicles parked on the grounds must be on your site or with your display, where available.

Exhibitors and Visitors

  • NOTE:  Vehicles of any kind are not permitted to drive through the food concession area of the show. Barriers will be placed on the driveway to block vehicle access to that area for the safety of our guests.
  • In order to operate a vehicle during the show, you must have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance for that vehicle.
  • If you have a golf cart or any type of personal transportation vehicle, proof of insurance will be required.
  • Parents, please understand that you are responsible for all minors you bring to the show.  This means minors may not operate any type of vehicle without direct adult supervision.  You must be riding with them or in control at all times.  This includes garden tractors and any motorized vehicle.
  • NOTE: ATVs will not be allowed on the grounds and if you bring one you will be asked to leave it in the parking lot.
  • Radio-controlled models are not to be operated on the grounds.
  • Bicycles, mini-bikes, scooters, roller blades, skateboards and all vehicles with handle bars cannot be used for transportation around the grounds.  Antique display vehicles and reproductions may be exempted at the Club’s discretion.
  • Motorized vehicles must have working head/tail lights if operated after dark.
  • Motorized vehicles must yield the right of way to all pedestrians and exhibited machinery.
  • Anyone driving in an unsafe manner or at high speed will be barred from the grounds.
  • A a handicap placard must be visible on your mode of transportation if you plan to drive through the Flea Market area. If you do not have this handicap placard, please park it and walk.
  • Motorized vehicles widest point cannot exceed 60 inches in the Flea Market.
  • Mower decks and other extensions must be removed from garden tractors if they are used for personal transportation in the Flea Market.
  • Merchandise pickups and drop offs during show hours can be arranged by calling the Flea Market Director.
  • No alcoholic beverages or firearms are allowed on the grounds.
  • Pets must be on a leash and controlled at all times.
  • For additional camping information and rules please click HERE.

Neither the LaGrange Engine Club nor the Lorain County Agricultural Society are responsible or liable for damage or theft of any equipment or items on the fairgrounds either before, during or after the show.

At our discretion, we may exclude the following year, or remove immediately, those who exhibit disrespect or an argumentative nature or who disturb the peace.