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To provide for it’s members and the general public a forum for the promotion and dissemination of information concerning steam and power engines, and other antique farm and industrial related machinery, their restoration, preservation and use in our society. And to encourage participation in events that demonstrate their use as they relate to the history of farm and industrial development and growth.

Becoming a member of the LaGrange Engine Cub allows you to participate in the LEC display at the Lorain County Fair and be a part of the yearly Spring Warm-Up. At the meetings you will be able to meet your fellow members and discuss matters of the club itself.

Memberships are from September to September with no discount for less than a full year. The cost is $5.00 per year for a single membership. Dues are collected annually at the show. Members recieve a membership card, this years button and will be mailed the yearly newsletter published late winter or early spring. If you purchase a membership at the show your membership card can be used as a pass for any remaining show days that year.

All exibitors are granted free admission to the show and will recieve a plaque is our thank you gift for bringing an exhibit when they register. (While supply lasts) Displaying an exhibit at our show is the only way you can get a plaque for the current year. Stop in the show office during the show to register what you are exhibiting, to buy a membership, or to look at the merchandise we have for sale.

To join after the show, simply write to us at the address below.

LaGrange Engine Club merchandise is available for purchase at our annual show. We sell hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, collared shirts, and when available.