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LaGrange Engine Club Annual Engine Show
Flea Market

September 14, 15, and 16, 2018
We like to think our flea market is one the best around and it seems that a lot of people agree. Last year we sold over 600 spaces.  Many of our vendors come back every year and some have been with us since we moved to the fairgrounds
SUGGESTED HOURS: Friday & Saturday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 PM Sunday 9A.M. to 3 PM
SPACE SIZES: Outside: 20’x20’ Inside: 23 spaces; 8’ deep x 10’ We do not provide tables
RATES: Each space is $25 for the weekend no discount for 1 day
Jane Palumbo
25684 Kennedy Ridge Rd
North Olmsted OH 44070
ph: 440-342-9682

Please call after 5pm
or EMAIL at
Completed reservation form and a check payable to LaGrange Engine Club, Inc. must be received by the dates stated above for the discount. Payment MUST accompany reservation to receive discount rates. Please mail contracts to Jane Palumboat the address above, not the Engine Club Post Office Box.  Receipt, gate pass, and camper tag will be mailed to you.  Beginning August 1st, site changes for returning vendors will be honored in the order payment is received.  These assignments will be made before new vendors are placed..
SET-UP: Wednesday after 5 pm
Friday and Saturday beginning at 8 AM
Sunday beginning at 9 AM
Contact Carol for special arrangements

Please Note:
No one is allowed to setup on the fairgrounds before 5pm Wednesday

$15 for weekend (not available in all areas)
No discount for less than 3 da


We strive to conduct our Engine Show in a safe and orderly manner.
We consider this to be a family-oriented event.
The sale of firearms is prohibited.
Alcohol and Drugs are not allowed.
Pets must be leashed at all times and exercised away from the public areas.
No tricycles, bicycles, motorcycles or ATV’s operated by anyone under 16.
Absolutely no roller blades, roller skates, in-line skates, skateboards etc.     
No loud late night parties or noisy barking dogs.
Quiet time will be from 12am to 4am. No loud music, disturbances or use of motorized vehicles

At our discretion, we may exclude the following year, or remove immediately, those who exhibit disrespect or an argumentative nature or who disturb the peace.  These individuals will be excluded from the future mailing of contracts.

Due to the increase in numbers of exhibitor and flea market vendors, we are asking that everyone limit the number of vehicles that they park inside the gate.  Your vehicles must be parked on your site unless other arrangements have been made with the flea market staff.   If you have other people coming to help you sell and there is not enough room on your site for them to park, they must park in the visitor lot outside the fence near your site.  You may order passes to get them in free at the gate when you register for your site.  If they are handicapped, parking will be available for them in the blacktopped handicap lot at the south end of the fairgrounds near the steam engine area.   There will no longer be parking on the grass near the front gate.

Due to a change in the Engine Club’s contract with the Fair Board, we will now be responsible for collecting all camping fees and for paying for all electric consumed during the show.  Therefore, those camping on their flea market sites with motor homes, trailers, truck campers, or tents capable of holding 3 or more people will be charged a camping fee of $40 for the weekend, which includes electric if available. This is in addition to the site fee.  Please send in your camping fee when you pay for your site to ensure you keep your current site in an area having electrical hook ups.  Those not camping but needing electric will continue to pay the $15 electric fee for the weekend in addition to their site fee.  Please note, if you have more than one space and have more than one camper on your site, please send in the appropriate amount for camping otherwise you risk losing those spaces next year.  We will be sending out your camping sticker(s) along with your gate passes when you send in your site reservation.

Please be advised thet this is an engine show with opperating equipment, that means that in some areas near the steam engines there can be dirt, dust and smoke in the air.  If this is a problem for you or your merchandise please let us know and we will try to move you to a different area of the grounds.

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A Short History of Our Flea Market
by Carolyn Maynard
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