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LaGrange Engine Club
Tractor Games
Tractor Games Will Not Be Held This Year

The number of tractors entered will determine how many groups will be competing at the same time.

Slow Race
See who can be the last to reach the finish line - 50 feet away - without stopping or stepping on the clutch.
Fast Race
Line up tractors with engines shut down and drivers facing the front of their machines. At the start, drivers get on tractors, start them, and go as fast as they can - 50 feet to the finish line.
Back to the Post
The post is tippable with a ball on top. Tractors should begin facing the post. The driver must turn the tractor around and back the drawbar against the post without knocking off the ball. This is a timed event.
Wagon Backing
Back a wagon into the back of a tapered space without going out of the boundaries. Measure how far the operator is able to get in.
Barrel Roll
The driver must roll a barrel 50 feet between two boundaries. No backing up is allowed. This is a timed event. We have a better barrel this year so come & try it.
Blind Farmer
The driver must drive blindfolded through an obstacle course in the lowest gear possible. A navigator standing on the drawbar should direct the driver through the course without hitting any markers.
Egg Balance
A tablespoon is clamped to the driver's drawbar. With an egg placed in the spoon, the driver must drive through an obstacle course without losing the egg.