Engine Show at the Lorain County Fair

Sunday, August 19th – 25, 2019

8AM – 11PM

The Lorain County Fair is a chance to display your tractor or engine at the Heritage Barn area for visitors to the Fair to see.  Volunteers are needed to open and close the barn each day and oversee the area during the day.  Spend a couple of hours in the barn visiting with friends, answer a few questions from spectators, and be amused by all the fun the kids have in the stone pile.




Exhibitors and Volunteers

Setup: Saturday and Sunday, August  17th & 18th

11AM – 4PM

Setup for those wishing to display their tractor or equipment is August 17th and 18th.

Scott Anderson will be at the Heritage Barn on Saturday and Sunday between 11am and 4pm to help organize the display areas.  He will also have admission tickets for those  people volunteering  during the fair.