Camping Rules and Regulations 2022

Campers may occupy lots starting Wednesday at 5:00pm. The gates will be closed and locked Thursday at

Sunday at 9:00am the gates will open for dismissal. If the situation arises where someone needs to
get in or out of the campgrounds, or an emergency occurs, security or the Campground Superintendent will open
the gate and assist the camper.
1. Camping fees are $50. Campers will be able to purchase a camping permit at the reserve parking lot building
on Fair Road across from the staging area on Wednesday September 14, 2022 from 12pm until 4:30pm.
Campers that are unable to purchase their permit at that time will need to go to the Engine Club show office
to pay the camping fee and receive the permit. The show office will be open starting Thursday morning.
Permits must be displayed by Friday evening. Permits should be displayed in a manner that faces the
camping space road so that it can be seen easily.
2. No marking off or holding camping spaces at any time.
3. NO VEHICLES are allowed to park in the camping area once they are unhooked from the camper. The camp will be closed to traffic during the show. Parking will be available in the lot south of the campgrounds.
4. In order to use the electricity at the pole, you must furnish your own GROUNDED 3 WIRE CORD. 15 amp = 14
gauge; 20 amp = 12 gauge; 30 amp = 10 gauge. One plug-in per camper. Outside refrigerators are allowed,
as long as they are properly grounded and do not block any avenues of egress.
5. Open fire rings are permitted. Maximum width is 2 feet for fire ring and must be no less than 10 feet from
nearest combustible item. A hose, fire extinguisher, or bucket of water must be close by to help extinguish
fires. Any individual or group with an unattended fire will lose privileges. Clean up your campfire and area
before leaving the site. That includes taking unused firewood with you.
6. Water may be obtained at the hose bib with no hose to be left attached once trailer tank is filled. Furnish your
own white food grade hose. Y connections are not allowed for multiple hook-ups. Each camper (mobile unit)
must have a proper backflow device, either an ASSE I024 or ASSE I012, furnished by owner of camping unit.
You may NOT be hooked up to a non-drinkable water source.

7. FIRE LANES are to be kept open at all times! Cooperation is for your safety and protection.
8. No hay or straw is allowed in the camping area.
9. The East (horse arena) 4-H gate will be locked at night. Campers can enter the fairgrounds at the main
(North) gate if needed. Pets must be on a leash and controlled at all times.

10. Quiet hours are from 12:00 am to 6:00 am. All unnecessary lights must be extinguished and sound-
producing items must be reduced to a decibel level that is satisfactory to your neighbors.

11. An adult must accompany each campsite.
12. All pressurized cylinders, whether in use or in storage, shall be chained or metal strapped and capped in a
stable vertical position so they will not fall over and placed out of the way to protect from any physical
damage. This rule also applies to turkey deep fryers.
13. No beer, alcohol, or other intoxicants are allowed in the Lorain County fairgrounds. Persons found in
possession of beer, alcohol, and/or intoxicants of any kind, or any other illegal substances, may be
removed from the grounds.
14. NO CHINESE LANTERNS in the camping area or on fairgrounds.

15. Anyone allowing gray water or sewage to be discharged onto the ground is subject to immediate dismissal
and a fine of $250.
16. The LaGrange Engine Club, in cooperation with the Wellington Fire Department, asks that you consider
having a working smoke alarm and an updated fire extinguisher per each camper.
17. Do not affix anything to Fair grounds property.
18. The Campground Superintendent will rule on any questions not covered in these regulations.
19. Unruliness or Poor Attitude: Campers who become unruly or belligerent with the Camping Committee, or
any Director of the LaGrange Engine Club, will be permanently evicted from the fairgrounds.
20. If you see a problem or have safety concerns, contact security. Sheriff Deputies patrol the grounds at night.
Do not take matters into your own hands. If you cannot contact security and have an immediate problem, call 911